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Get To Know: Carolina Fontaneti

Munemi’s Q&A with the Face of MŪN

Read Time: 2-3 Minutes

Get To Know: Carolina Fontaneti


For the first time ever we decided to feature a model on our website. It was an idea that I fought back for a while, mainly because I couldn’t imagine how one person could represent the MŪN brand as our community is made up of such a wide range of age groups and ethnicities. I thought: her look represents multiculturalism, she is not too young (someone in their 30s would be great), and she practices a healthy and mindful lifestyle.


Upon first meeting Carolina after an introduction through a trusted friend, I knew she was the person we had been looking for. I was smitten with her sweet personality and professionalism, and she exuded the type of glow that shines through from inside. Needless to say, she became “the face” of MŪN.


I recently sat down to chat with Carolina. I hope you enjoy learning about her as much as I did!


Munemi: Where are you from originally and how old are you?


Carolina: I’m Brazilian and I turned 31 on Oct 31st!


M: How did you start modeling?


C: I had participated in a model contest to sign a contract with one of the best modeling agencies in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I was only 17 at the time so I’m about to complete 14 successful years in this career.


M: Where have you lived as a model?


C: I’ve lived everywhere in Europe! It was one my favorites destinations, cities like Paris, Milan, Barcelona, and Munich were just the ones where I’ve lived, but I’ve visited many more. I also fell in love with the United States - my first ever modeling abroad destination - so I’ve been living in NYC for the past 5 years. I also lived briefly in London and Tokyo, both cities I want to come back to soon.


M: What was the most amazing thing you got to experience through modeling?


C: I could tell you without a shadow of a doubt that it’s been the opportunity to live life intensely and amazingly since such a young age. This has given me a whole new perspective on what life is really made of and what’s truly important. I have met so many interesting human beings and seen places that I can only wish my kids get to have some of the same chances I had.  


M: What has been your favorite city to live and what do you love about it?


C: My favorite city to live is NYC, even though I will hold on to Paris tight to my heart. From living in NY I could learn so much in so many ways while having access to the most amazing creative energy that only this city provides…I love the way people are open minded and free to do whatever they want.


M: Can you tell us some of your favorite restaurants and cafes in New York?


C: There is a big list of favorite places, but my top 5 are: Caravan of Dreams, ABC Kitchen, By Chloe (my most recent discovery), The Great American Health Bar, and Juice Press (my favorite ‘grab and go’ place).


M: You have been taking very good care of yourself. When and how did you start doing it? Were you raised that way or was there a turning point or reason to change? Also, what are your guidelines for eating healthy?


C: I was raised in a totally different way than how I take care of myself nowadays, so everything I do now I had to learn from my own experiences. Living abroad has opened my eyes to a lot of issues regarding my health and the way I used to eat. From the day I stepped in NY, I knew the city would change me for good. I had access to the most delicious organic treats and local, sustainable produce. After learning about the amount of chemicals that we deal with on a daily basis, I started changing my whole experience with food and beauty products. If I go out for lunch or dinner I always opt for organic and locally sourced restaurants, and all the food that enters my kitchen is free of potentially harmful chemicals. I try to stick firmly to my beliefs because I know there would come days when I can’t do any better and I’d rather have those moments in a very low number. One of my favorite routines is to take homemade food (luckily I have the most amazing hubby/Chef at home ) with me when I’m on the go for photoshoots and air travel.


M: Is there anything you eat every day?  


C: I wake up almost every morning to a powerful juice or smoothie. That also includes having hemp seeds, flax seeds, vegan proteins, and greens everyday.


M: You are such a healthy eater. Is there anything you dislike?  


C: I can almost say I eat everything. Sadly, although I hate to say I “dislike” this or that, I don't like tomatoes. But for the most part, in my opinion there is no such thing as “I don't like it” -  it’s just a matter of trying things out and experiencing the specific ingredients made in different ways. I’ve been trying to eat tomatoes made into as many different recipes and cooked in a lot of ways, but I haven't achieved that level yet when it comes to tomatoes.


There is this funny story about the first EVER dinner my husband cooked for me: we had recently met each other and he was so excited about these “red, firm, and beautiful” fresh Italian tomatoes he’d spotted at the market and wanted to cook for me those amazing tomatoes so he invited me over and promised me the most amazing meal. Again sadly, when I saw those Bruschetta with the fresh red tomatoes (I have to admit, they were gorgeous) I had to contain myself not to say anything. I didn't want to play the girl who says “I don't like this”, so I decided to play along… I literally slipped them all down my throat so rapidly so that I wouldn’t even notice the flavor. I only told him the truth weeks later!


M: Do you cook?  What are your menu staples?  


C: I don’t normally cook because like I said, I have the most amazing chef at home, but of course when I’m out traveling or by myself at home I can prepare myself a nice nutritious meal. I would normally go for a salad full of veggies, sweet potato and some chicken (I also love vegan version) or I would have a beautiful all organic (everything in it) omelet - a recipe I improved from my mom’s version that I used to eat as a kid.


M: What’s your workout routine like and what’s your favorite workout? How often do you do it?


C: I love to run, to stretch, and to practice Yoga. I’ve been a yogi for about 6 years and I started practicing pilates once a week in 2015. I used to do cross fit training too for about 2 years and I got a toned and muscular body from this process. I had stopped for a bit and have just gone back to going to the gym for this training 4 to 5 times a week. This also includes morning runs - most of the time I run 5k in about 35 minutes which I do 5 days a week.


M: What are your skin care must haves and your morning and nightly routine?


C: Must MUST have is a potent face sunscreen made with natural ingredients. I’m using the John Masters SPF 50 sunscreen. I apply every morning when going out and get so mad if I forget. I became really concerned about dark spots and pigmentation, so I started wearing sunscreen every day since turning 27 (I know I should have started earlier). I have such good skin overall, but I also suffer from acne. I had it when I was a teen and it never really stopped. I’m still struggling with the treatment, but I try to stick with this method: cleanse, tone, and moisturize. I cleanse with a salicylic acid formula all natural cleansing gel, tone with MŪN’s Anarose Toner and moisturize with MŪN’s Aknari Serum. I do that every morning and before bed. Another rule in beauty for me is to always no matter what, take off my makeup before bed and just after finishing a job. Sometimes it’s hard because of busy schedules and rushing, but I’m very obedient to this rule I made.  


M: Where is your favorite vacation spot? What hotel do you like there? Restaurants?  


C: I love to travel around my humongous Brazil which holds a world full of new discoveries. I love to go on road trips too, I’m in love with traveling by car, especially at night when you can see the moon and the stars. Everyone coming to visit Sao Paulo should go to this beautiful island called IlhaBela and my favorite boutique hotel is TW Guaimbe, an exclusive oasis by the sea with an amazing in house restaurant that I simply love.


M: What is your current passion and future dream?

C: My current passion is also part of my future dream which is to have my own fine jewelry line. I have already launched Fontaneti Jewelry and I work with one of a kind pieces made to order from vintage materials and healing gemstones. I also craft baby necklaces that help relieve teething pain. I started my line because I wanted to make a signature piece - the "Cat necklace" (jewelry for cats). My exotic shorthair Ninis has been wearing them and he looks even cuter with them on! I would also love to include in my future plans to have a TV show guide to traveling around the world for good food!


M: Lastly, how did you like working on the MŪN photo shoot?


C: I simply loved every minute of working with the MŪN team. The photoshoot took place in this amazing bright studio where we got to shoot the first set of pictures with natural light that came right from the window and got reflected against the building in front of us - it was magical. Also because I was not wearing any clothes, I had to be confident in my own skin…there was no place to hide. I like when I’m challenged at work and that was definitely the case! I was "wearing" only MŪN’s skin care products and I felt good and cared for and nourished. I was able to perform my art and to give a personal touch to it. Working so closely and intimately with the team made me so happy, each one of us were so essential to the final product and I believe we made the best team! I’m looking forward to being the face of MŪN again!!


Thank you for taking the time to read my Q&A with Carolina. Please be sure to sign up for our emails below to receive skin tips and wellness content directly to your inbox!



Munemi Imai, Founder
As an international makeup artist, Munemi sees many different types of skin, but she knows that every one needs nurturing, balancing and brightening to achieve that youthful glow. She also knows firsthand that our #MUNGLOW starts with a healthy and mindful lifestyle. She shares her tips and knowledge right here and in our newsletters!
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