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argan pure argan oil
face/body/hair moisturizer
$ 70.00 0.00
argan pure argan oil
face/body/hair moisturizer
$ 70.00 0.00

Extraordinarily pure and simply effective, Argan oil is the single ingredient to achieve a #MUNGLOW from head to toe.


Argan Oil has been used for centuries as a highly moisturizing, soothing and softening treatment for skin, cuticles and hair. We source ours from traditional producers in Morocco, where it is a vital part of the indigenous culture. This gives us special access to the highest quality product and allows us to make it available at a reasonable price that honors our special partnership with a Berber women’s co-operative. Hand-processed and cold-pressed from tree nuts, Argan Oil is remarkably rich in vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Effective for all skin types.


For body care, 4-5 months supply


6.76 fl. oz. / 200mL 


This item will be unavailable for indefinite time. Thank you for your understanding. 

  • Argan Oil*
  • antioxidant, moisturizing, anti–aging
  • *Certified Organic
Apply a generous amount of fast-absorbing oil to damp skin wherever needed and massage in.
  • Highly moisturizing & nourishing oil for face & body
  • Softens dry skin, hair & cuticles
  • Soothes irritations & sun damage
  • Calms inflammation & helps reduce fine lines
  • Suitable for all skin types