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Expert Testimonials

After a week of being obsessed with the oil, I met a dear colleague that asked me if I had my eyes done. I was happily surprised to find a product that actually does what it says.

Matin Maulawizada – Celebrity Makeup Artist. New York, NY

I noticed changes within a few days. Yes, days! My complexion took on a glow that wasn’t there. My face felt so smooth all the time — like freshly exfoliated smooth. When testing products, I’m not accustomed to seeing results that quickly.

Susannah Compton - Contributor to No More Dirty Looks. Cheverly, MD

Finally find a product that does what its supposed to and you are able to see the results straight away. Not only does this oil smell absolutely amazing but people were complementing my skin being brighter, dewier and fresher right away.

Elyse Taylor - International Model. New York, NY

There are plenty of great products out there but none have given me or my clients such fast results. I have noticed increased softness in the texture of my skin and an added hydration, which started showing right away.

Rene' Krow – Spa Owner and Esthetician. Haymarket, VA

Within a couple of days of using it I noticed the restorative and hydrating effects. Over the next few months the changes I have witness in my clients' skin, and my own, are better elasticity, a reduction in hyper pigmentation, better hydration and a decrease in under eye circles.

Krista Leitl – Spa Owner and Esthetician. Calgary, AB

I have tried many products over the years since I break out very easily to most creams. Now the top of the line is No.1 Aknari. I can see my skin look fuller and softer instantly.

Michelle Buswell – International Model. New York, NY

I’m obsessed with No.1 Aknari. I've used it on many of my clients, and they love it from the moment I put it on their faces. Also I have seen a significant change in my skin texture and wrinkles.

Rheanne White – Celebrity Hair Stylist. New York, NY

In a short period of time I have seen a great difference in the clarity and smoothness of my complexion. It is a blessing to be able to replenish my face with an organic, all natural treatment that truly works.

Alexandra Knight – International Model. New York, NY

As both a model and public speaker for organic living, this product rings true for me. Not only is the softening and smoothing power of the Prickly Pear Seed Oil unmatched, but I also love that the Prickly Pear cactus is more environmentally friendly than virtually any other crop in the world.

Anthony Anderson – Model and Founder of New York, NY